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Well it’s 2015 and not even all the way through January and things are crazy! There have been some ups and downs so far this year but nothing that cannot be overcome. So, to catch you up on what’s happened so far this year…

New Year’s Eve was pretty laid back. We had the kids this year so we all just hung out at home, ordered Chinese food, and played video games until the ball dropped. It was nice and relaxed and we had a lot of fun.

January started off fantastic. Bobby and I upgraded our Fitbit Flex’s to Fitbit Surge’s. Amazing ‘superwatch’ that I’ll be doing a review of soon. But it’s definitely helped with keeping to my resolution of doing my workouts five times a week. On that note, we also signed back up at the gym down the street. We both were doing well with doing some form of workout at least five days a week, eating better, and had begun to see the benefits.

Then I got another new toy – a new car! The trusty Kia Sorento I’d gotten in 2012 just wasn’t big enough for six anymore, not with three of the four kids being taller than me now. And Christmas showed us that trying to do any sort of hauling of things with us all in the car just isn’t going to work anymore. I’d been eyeing the Ford Flex for a while and decided to take the plunge. Found a 2014 certified pre-owned at the local Ford dealership and we went check it out. Now my credit hasn’t been the best (divorce will do that do you) but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was much better than I feared and we were able to make the deal work. I love, love, love my new car! Especially the heated front seats. I’m always cold so those things are heaven!

Yes January was starting off quite nicely – until about a week ago. My hips and low back were starting to really bug me. Not unusual since I’ve always had issues with them and if I don’t go to the chiropractor regularly they’ll get majorly out of whack. Well since for a while Bobby didn’t have a job for a little while I hadn’t been going regularly. So I went it, got adjusted, booked to get back on a monthly schedule, toned down the workouts a bit and modified the yoga to not injure myself and thought I’d be good.

A few nights later, while Bobby was headed to pick up his kids, his car died. It was the transmission. I met him where he was pulled over on the side of the road and we waited in my car for an hour and a half for a tow truck. Bad news, it was going to need a new transmission. Good news, it was still under warranty. Turns out it needs several other things as well to pass inspection but at least now it runs. A couple days after that I woke up one morning, climbed out of bed, and had shooting pain in my low back and down my leg. Got moving around and it started to feel better, then I went to reach for the toilet lid to lift and and was nearly brought to my knees in pain.

Turns out I have stage 2 degenerative disc disease (most everyone gets this to some extent as you age) and had also managed to slip a disc in my low back. And boy you should see my hips – not at all level. Maybe I’ll post the x-rays. Thankfully it can be helped with my chiropractor. Eight weeks of treatment that started this past Monday. I was in every day this week and will be in three times a week for the next seven weeks. Yes we have insurance but they pay nothing til we meet the deductible and even then there’s a nice amount of what I need that they don’t cover. So I’m paying a small fortune to fix my back – money I had planned on going towards the trip we want to take at the end of the year. But I can’t do much of anything with a bad back so obviously this comes first.

The thing that’s annoyed me most about this is that I can’t workout. Yoga is a big no-no right now. I’m not supposed to bend or stretch much at all. My chiro actually told me that if I own a corset to wear it or to get a lumbar support brace. Well I do own a corset but it’s not one I can really wear to work under my clothes – so I’m going shopping today *grin*. I’m feeling a lot better today than I was just five days ago and I have at least now been cleared to get back on a treadmill as long as I take it slow. Losing my momentum in my workouts is very rough for me. If I get off track it’s hard to get back on again. So thankfully I’m still in the right mindset and this little glitch in my plan won’t set me back to much.

So that’s been my 2015 so far. Lots of good things coming up though! Fan Days is in a couple of weeks and I’ll be volunteering at the con like always. There will be a full review of that awesomeness in the future. With pictures, because that’s what I do. ┬áLet’s hope my back holds up to a weekend of being on my feet and trying to get in odd positions to get good pictures. Corset will definitely be worn that weekend.

I hope your year is going well, dear readers! I have lots of reviews of things I want to put up soon so keep an eye out! Now that I can actually sit at my computer without my back killing me I should get back on a real schedule of writing. Shooting for a blog a week. Speaking it into the universe to make it happen!

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